6 Reasons to go down the Juniper path

Make no mistake, CCNA is without a doubt a very valuable certification to have, but the amount of time it takes to go through all the cisco specific protocols and then prepare for an exceptionally hard exam, people automatically expect to be treated like royalty when they enter the job market.

The reality is most of them find themselves crushed by the competition with millions of CCNA certified individuals already saturating the market, the law of supply and demand ensures most of them settle for an average salary or worse not find a job at all!

This is where hopes get crushed and after spending so much time learning, you end up settling for an average salary with average benefits and you are also looked at as someone replaceable which has an effect on your overall job satisfaction.

JNCIA, On the other hand, stands out in the market as a niche certification.

Realistically, your only alternative to Cisco is Juniper as Juniper has taken away a large chunk of Cisco’s share in the network industry and continues to do so with deeper penetration into traditional Cisco strongholds.

Why is Juniper gaining ground?

Simple reason, speed, simplicity and stability along with ONE operating system that runs on all Juniper devices, the Junos OS.

The Junos OS was purposely designed to allow separate processes to act as modules in their own right. This means that when one process crashes, it doesn’t bring the entire operating system (and network!) down with it.

This alone has been a huge seller and along with lower prices, more and more companies have embraced the Junos platform.

A recent survey showed that on average the salary commanded by JNCIA certified professionals is 24% higher than the average salary offered to a CCNA certified professional.

What this means for you?

If you pass JNCIA-Junos certification, you will find yourself in demand because there just aren’t as many Juniper certified professionals out there compared to the amount of Juniper products being sold so you will simply stand out of the competition!

The Good News:

  • The Great thing is learning Junos OS is quick and EASY!
  • The required hours to study and pass the JNCIA certificaiton are much less compared to CCNA.
  • Unlike Cisco, Juniper don’t force you to go out and learn a world of non-standard propriety protocols just so that the certification’s own ranking is boosted.
  • The certifications are highly practical as you basically get to work on most of the protocols you study straight away which means high rate of knowledge retention.
  • The passing marks are lower, which makes it much easier to pass compared to a Cisco exam (the passing mark is high on a Cisco exam to keep the supply low)
  • Above all, you are in demand as soon as you pass your certification!

To make a start, I would highly recommend you take out time and checkout my free JNCIA-Junos course designed to teach you Networking basics, Junos fundamentals along with Junos management and a free mini-configuration guide using the link below:

JNCIA-Junos Mini-Course

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Rafay Rasool is a Network Specialist with over 10 years of experience designing, configuring and implementing core network solutions based predominantly but not limited to Juniper Routers, Switches and Firewalls along with other vendors such as Cisco, Huawei, Siemens, Aerohive, Ringmaster, Pulse etc for Internet Service Provider and Enterprise Networks.

Rafay is an avid supporter of network automation and likes to code and automate networking solutions.